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First-time and on-time digital payouts and pay by anything experiences

VERITUITY’s platform enables verified digital payout experiences that modernize a banks treasury services and powers first-time and on-time digital payouts. First-time and on-time digital payouts mean payers frictionlessly complete payouts on the first attempt and payees receive their funds when and how they expect.

VERITUITY’s Platform powersfirst-time and on-time digital payouts
First-time and on-time digital payouts result from a seamless, holistic verification process that enables payout experiences specific to a payers uses case, brand or line of business. That’s why the heart of Verituity’s platform automates, unifies and orchestrates the verification of the payees and payer’s identity, the verification of the payee’s chosen payment methods, and the verification of the payer’s payout instruction.

VERITUITY modules that power first-time and on-time digital payouts

Automate and link identity and account verification without effort:
At the core of first-time and on-time digital payouts is knowing you are paying the right payee and the right payment account. To answer those questions, Verituity’s platform selects and automates the appropriate verification process based on the transaction type and the financial institutes risk and compliance rules.

Simplify payment choice for payers and payees:
Different payees have different payout needs and different payouts require different payout methods. Verituity’s platform allows payers to customize their payout experiences to ensure they offer payees payout methods that support the size of the payout in the appropriate local currencies.

Have confidence the payout instruction is error and fraud free:
Error free and validated payout instructions across payment rails are foundational to first-time and on-time digital payouts. Verituity’s platform unifies a bank’s payment rails and automates the verification of the payer, the validation that the payout instruction meets the right format and standards and the processing of the payout.

Manage multiple contextual payout experiences with ease:
Relevant and contextual payout experiences make it easier for payees to accept a payout with confidence. Whether a bank’s business client supports multiple payout use cases, brands or lines of business, Verituity’s platform makes it simple configure and manage each payout experiences based on their unique needs.