Verituity’s Founder and CEO Ben Turner On Building an Intelligent Payouts Solution with Code Story

Our Founder and CEO Ben Turner sat down with Noah Labhart, the host of Code Story, to chat about Verituity’s origin story and how we are driving first-time and on-time verified payouts and intelligent pay-by-anything as an industry standard. In this episode, Ben talks about: -How Verituity seamlessly integrates with companies so they can modernize.... Read More >


Verituity’s CEO Ben Turner Talks First-Time Payouts With The Payments Show

Our CEO Ben Turner chats with Satwant Phull of The Payments Show about the safety, cost savings, and enhanced customer experience that first-time and on-time verified payouts and intelligent payment choice deliver for B2B and B2C disbursements. Listen here. Read More >


Verituity’s CEO Ben Turner On Making Payout Complexity Disappear With Around the Coin

Our CEO Ben Turner took some time to discuss digital payouts with Mike Townsend of Around the Coin. In a wide-ranging discussion about fintech startups and the value they provide, Ben highlighted how payers can avoid the pitfalls of costly and error-prone paper checks by shifting to digital payouts. Ben talks about how digital transformation.... Read More >


Verituity’s CEO Ben Turner Talks Payout Choice With Leaders in Payments

Listen to the full podcast episode here. Our CEO Ben Turner chatted with Greg Myers of Leaders in Payments about how businesses can increase customer and supplier satisfaction by introducing payment choice. Ben shares how businesses (payers) across industries such as financial services, insurance, and even gaming can create unique payout experiences while driving down.... Read More >