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VERITUITY’s band-grade platform powers first-time, on-time digital payouts by automating identity verification, payment account validation, compliance and risk controls and verified payment orchestration into a unified experience for payees and payers.

Verituity easily connects to a bank’s treasury services and their business client’s payout operations

Verituity intelligently automates & links identity verification & payment account verification based on the financial institutes policies

Verituity enables bank’s to simply create unique payout experiences for their business client’s uses cases, brands and lines of business

Verituity automates, verifies and orchestrated payouts instruction with the bank’s payment services

VERITUITY’s Platform Modules

VERITUITY’s key features

Contextual Web & Mobile Payout Experiences
Branded payout experiences that unify and automate authentication, verification and payment choice with the appropriate automated payout workflow.

Multi-tier Hierarchy Configurability
Easy configuration of payout experiences by use case, brand, sub-brand or line of business Configurability includes countries supported, verification and payout methods and branding.

Federated Identity and Payment Account Verification
Increase verification results by leveraging bank preferred data source(s), multiple proofing methods, application of regulatory frameworks and bank specific rules.

Pay by Anything
Empower payees and payer's payment choice by enabling over 70+ countries and multiple digital payment types ranging from PayPal to ACH to Zelle to wire.

Smart Payment Orchestration
Power first-time and on-time payouts through smart orchestration that applies the bank’s STP guides, ISO 20021 and 22, the right processing rules and funding limits.

Adaptive Controls
Ensures PII and PCI compliance and support of the banks verification and payment rules based on the transaction and bank’s business client.

Makes it easy for banks and their business customers to manage and monitor the platform’s registrations, interactions and payout process via a web interface or API

Bank-Grade Cloud
Cloud-based platform supports a bank’s security and cloud compliance framework and ensures both the payer and payee can securely process payouts.

Low-code Adaptors and Open API’s
Easy to implement secure connections and interactions between bank services, the bank’s customers payment operations and 3rd party services such as EWS.